gallery Teen mom Writes disturbing facebook post minutes after throwing her baby out the window !


photo : Daily Mail

What happened in Nebraska is one of the Most horrific acts that terrible moms did over the years !


After giving birth to her little baby girl, Antonia Lopez (16 years-old) killed her baby by throwing her from a window .


facebook/Antonia Lopez

according to police, Antonia tossed her baby into a two-story fall few seconds after giving birth in her bedroom, then she told her mother what she did, so her mom couldn’t believe what she heard and went outside to find and save the child but it was too late.


facebook/Antonia Lopez

Antonia’s mom couldn’t do anything so she called 911.


before police and ambulance even arrived, Antonia posted a disturbing post on facebook asking for a car ! so authorities believe that she was trying to flee the crime scene.

The police arrived, Antonia Lopez was caught and sent to the hospital for evaluation the turned over to police custody.
She was judged as a murderer and tried as an adult.


Facebook/Antonia Lopez

Authorities left her account active , and combed for answers while there is no excusing this mom’s crime thousands of people on her facebook account refer to her with endless slurs and some of them say she should kill herself…


Facebook/Antonia Lopez

Now she facing up to 20 years in prison !

If you know a family with teens be sure to share this story with them, Maybe if Antonia received support when she was pregnant nothing bad would have ever happened.


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