PewDiePie did not close his youtube channel: “It was a joke”

The millionaire Youtuber has not closed his channel as he had “promised” if it reached 50 million subscribers. “It was a joke”, he said, while mocking the media who “have covered the case”. “Thank you for the 50 million subscribers, I remove to 100 million.”


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As it was to be expected, it was only a trick to win more subscribers… And to mock of the media who have fallen the trap. Everything started on 2 December, when the famous Youtuber PewDiePie, his true name Felix Arvid flus Kjellberg, announces that he will delete his channel.

In a video seen 15 million times, Swedish 27-years-old justifies his act by “malfunctions” which make him lose views on his videos. Without giving evidence, he accuses Youtube of wanting to “kill” his channel by reducing his exposure and suppressing his subscribers. “To 50 million subscribers, I delete my channel,” he promised.

In another video published on December 4, the millionaire confirmed his intention and renewed his charges against Youtube, which he confesses to be partly based on “rumors”. “Believe it or not, I don’t do that for money”, but to “fix the problem” of Youtube, he said.

A real problem “for small creators”, which he intends to defend, he claims. Thursday 8 December, he announced on his Twitter account that he “will delete tomorrow at 5:00 GMT”.

Suspicious Statements !

Very suspicious statements, first because a permanent deletion of his videos would make him lose millions (PewDiePie is the richest youtube in the world, he gained more than 15 million euros in 2016 thanks to advertisements integrated on his Videos). Then because the 50 million subscriber bar is not a prerequisite to remove his channel … But to earn even more money.

This did not prevent hundreds of media in the world to report “information”. Agence France Presse (AFP) even questioned Youtube on these “Dysfunction”, pushing Google’s platform to explain in an official letter “not to have noticed a decline in the number of subscribers of creators beyond what Normally occurs when users unsubscribe or when YouTube deletes artificial subscribers. ”

“It was a joke, thanks for the 50 million subscribers”

Friday, December 9, PewDiePie published a video entitled “Delete my channel”. “Thank you guys, we reached 50 million thanks to your help,” he begins, before feigning the suppression of his channel and announcing that all his statements were “a joke”, smile on his lips.

“Thank you for the 50 million subscribers, I delete 100 million,” he writes, mockingly, while scrolling screenshots of news sites announcing his departure. In Internet jargon, this is called a clickbait [click trap], or in its more vulgar version, to pay attention to whore.


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