He scolds the dog because he stole his potato, but the dog does not allow himself to be intimidated … what he did is unexpected


He is in a murky and communicative mood!

Here is a scene that will fill your day with a good mood and sweetness.
This dad is very upset with his son’s Husky, who once again did a good
job of robbing him the food under his nose (this time the animal would
have chipped and tasted the delicious Skins reserved for the Patriarch),
HE went back to the block, and wanted to make things clear, with the animal,
he decided to lecture him so that he no longer touches his food and
reminding him that he Had plenty of things to eat in his mess tin.
But now, against all expectations, the puppy wants to defend his interests,
Ouuuh he is in a murky mood … and very communicative. “And you don’t
wanna answer me!” Tonne the father while the dog continues to growl after
every remark that HE makes to him.

The debate has been long and fierce, but someone will eventually have the
last word. Discover the great winner in the video below!

It is to die of laughter!



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